HEDIS Dashboard

Track your HEDIS performance year-round.

Smartlink’s HEDIS Dashboard can pull in any data source, such as claims, EHR, and HIE data to help you monitor HEDIS performance year-round.


Visual HEDIS performance by payer, measure, or practice.

Your HEDIS performance at a glance.

  • Filter or drill down by payer, practice, year, and measure

  • View measure performance against target

  • Identify measures with the most care gaps

  • Export care gaps in Excel list or insert into the the EHR as a message or alert

Do you have a data gap or a care gap?

The HEDIS Dashboard combined with Smartlink Data Connector can help you work to close both.


Watch Your Care Gaps Close and HEDIS Performance Improve

Contact us today at 877-502-3067 or info@smartlinkhealth.com and get your HEDIS dashboard up and running.