HEDIS Dashboard

Track your HEDIS performance year-round with Smartlink QualityView.

Smartlink QualityView can pull in any data source, such as claims, EHR, and HIE data to help you monitor HEDIS performance year-round.


Visual HEDIS performance by payer, measure, or practice with QualityView.

Your HEDIS performance at a glance.

  • Filter or drill down by payer, practice, year, and measure

  • View measure performance against target

  • Identify measures with the most care gaps

  • Export care gaps in Excel list or insert into the the EHR as a message or alert

Do you have a data gap or a care gap?

Smartlink QualityView combined with Smartlink Data Connector can help you work to close both.


Watch Your Care Gaps Close and HEDIS Performance Improve

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