The combined solution will improve clinical integration across their Independent Physician Network and provider partners across their community.

Cary, North Carolina, February 17, 2015 – Coastal Physicians Alliance (CPA), the Independent Physician Association (IPA) of Southeastern North Carolina, has selected Infina Connect and its sister company,Smartlink Mobile (Smartlink), to provide referral coordination and patient engagement solutions to its members. The combined solutions will facilitate improved communication and coordination between their providers and patients, and ensure their patients receive the highest quality of care at the best value. In addition, CPA can now meet 100% of the electronic requirements for the new CMS Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and will begin rolling out these services to its Medicare population immediately.

“In today’s healthcare environment, having the ability to coordinate care within high-value referral networks has become very important in order to deliver the highest quality of care while keeping the cost of healthcare down. For example, by using Infina Connect to manage our referrals electronically, we will be able to guide our patients to high-quality providers that in some cases are 75% less expensive,” said Dianne Braswell, Chief Operating Officer, CPA. “Patient-provider communication is equally important. If you want patients to be compliant and make a difference in their outcome, patients have to feel that they can easily get in touch with their provider. With Infina Connect and Smartlink, we now have the tools that we need to address both of these challenges.”

CPA has been in existence for more than 20 years and is continuing to grow. Braswell’s approach to facilitating growth is to focus on the two parts of the healthcare equation that will never change – the physician and the patient. Regardless of market factors around them, she believes that healthcare is fundamentally about physicians caring for their patients. For physicians, CPA is able to continually provide innovative solutions such as Infina Connect and Smartlink that help their members stay independent, focus on taking care of the patient, and ensure patient satisfaction remains high. Braswell also notes that patients are able to build stronger relationships with their independent physicians, as opposed to feeling like “just a number” when being cared for in larger health systems.

“CPA has a long standing reputation of providing innovative solutions to its members. We are pleased that they have selected our technology to help them continue to provide the highest level of value to providers, patients, payers, and to the community,” said Siu Tong, founder of both Infina Connect and Smartlink.

About Coastal Physicians Alliance
Coastal Physicians Alliance (CPA) is the Independent Physicians Association (IPA) of Southeastern North Carolina. Comprised of approximately 90 physicians across 9 counties, CPA was formed in 1994 by forward-thinking physicians who saw the power of doctors coming together to improve healthcare in Southeastern North Carolina. CPA’s mission is to serve and assist its members in the healthcare delivery system as they provide quality healthcare, reduce healthcare cost and improve the experience of care for their patients and community.

About Infina Connect
Infina Connect is the leading provider of SaaS referral coordination solutions, and the first to be adopted by a majority of providers across a major metropolitan area. Infina Connect enables providers to optimize placement of referrals within high-value networks and electronically perform closed loop referrals to coordinate patient care, improve patient health and maximize revenue. For more information, visit

About Smartlink Mobile Systems
Smartlink Mobile Systems is a mobile healthcare solutions company changing the way providers and patients collaborate across the continuum of care. By delivering simple and convenient bi-directional communication, Smartlink enables patients to be more engaged in the medical services they need. For clinics, Smartlink’s unique mobile patient engagement solution improves efficiency, quality of care, patient adherence and revenue streams. For more information, visit

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