One of the biggest challenges in healthcare, if not the biggest challenge, is interoperability. This is especially true when it comes to EMRs and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Despite significant advancements in diagnostic testing and technologies, the manual process of ordering and receiving laboratory results is one that’s riddled with inefficiencies and many points of failure.

Often, clinicians are forced to complete a paper-based lab order form and fax it to the lab or key the order information into the specific lab’s web portal. This workflow slows down the ordering process, increases the probability of errors and missing information, and has a negative impact on the patient, clinic and the lab.

Watch this short video to learn how Smartlink Health’s front-end integration helps:

Accelerate the time to diagnosis and treatment for patients.
Embed the lab order and results in the EMR for clinics.
Maximize revenue streams and expand the client base for labs.

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