Has Your Population Health Initiative Reached the “Tipping Point”?

Population Health platforms and programs can have a big impact but are difficult to get off the ground.  HIEs, CINs, ACOs, AMHs can provide enormous value to providers and the patients they serve, but that value doesn’t just happen overnight.  Without good data, even the most thought out value-based care strategy or the most powerful […]

Closing Gaps in Care: There is a Better Way

Care gaps. The space between what should happen in an individual’s medical care and what actually does happen. Bubbling under the surface of a care gap is a powerful mixture of clinical and financial implications and yet, the process of closing gaps in care is one of the most tedious and time-consuming workflows that exist […]

Putting a Face on PDMP to EHR Integration

In 2010, when I lost my younger brother to an unintentional opioid overdose I had no idea that in just seven short years there would be a 55% increase in the number of other families who would share my tragedy. In the last two months alone, I’ve known two families that have lost their teenage […]

Healthcare Workflow Automation that Improves Patient and Practice Health

“In most industries, what happens is that computers take over for people…What happens in healthcare administration is that people take over for computers.” This quote by David Cutler, Ph.D., professor of Economics at Harvard was made before the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) committee in July 2018. According to the article in Healthcare […]