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Mozzaz Expands Rapid EHR Interoperability with Smartlink Health Partnership 

August 25, 2022 | Philadelphia, PA – Mozzaz, a remote patient monitoring & virtual care solution provider, announced a key partnership with Smartlink Health, an industry leader in rapid-data integration. Smartlink will help further enhance Electronic Health Record (EHR) interoperability with the Mozzaz Platform via its Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) solution.  

Digital health solutions are an extension of a clinical team’s workflow. As such, these systems must have various levels of integration to support clinical processes that drive clinician and patient engagement. Mozzaz has always focused on “closing-the-clinical-loop” by providing a round-trip integrated solution. In partnership with Smartlink, Mozzaz now adds additional methods of integration that support rapid and secure deployment. Smartlink’s enhanced integration will bolster the rate at which the Mozzaz Platform can be integrated into EHR systems for virtual care, remote patient monitoring and patient engagement solutions at scale. Removing the complications that traditional integration projects could encounter. 

 “In a value-based world further complicated by a pandemic, virtual care has become an important strategy to keep people healthy and reduce hospitalizations,” said Ginny Mahaney, Smartlink’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We’re excited to be a part of expanding virtual care to providers and patients through our partnership with Mozzaz.” 

Unlike traditional integration methods, Smartlink’s solution leverages the user interface of an EHR to exchange patient data with the Mozzaz Platform.  There’s no need to involve the EHR vendor, which significantly decreases the integration timeline from months to weeks. Plus, there’s no effort required on the part of the clinic. With Smartlink, Mozzaz is fully integrated with the EHR in a matter of weeks, and clinicians have full visibility into the patient data captured by Mozzaz within their EHR workflow.  The integration also supports the billing process. 

“Interoperability is a strategic necessity in every digital health implementation – from large health systems to small clinical practices. Provider adoption is key to a successful project, and it starts with an integrated system supporting clinical workflows standardized by the practice.” said Rini Gahir, President and CEO of Mozzaz Corporation. “This is why our partnership with Smartlink is exciting as it will allow us to scale by offering a broader set of integrated solutions quickly.”  

About Smartlink Health 

Smartlink Health Solutions is an innovator in healthcare IT integration. Smartlink’s integration Platform-as-a-Service enables rapid, affordable integration between healthcare IT and other systems via the user interface. Smartlink also provides a comprehensive care management platform for Medicare’s value-based fee-for-service programs and COVID-19 case management. For more information, visit 

About Mozzaz 

Mozzaz is a leading provider of virtual care solutions for personalized engagement and remote patient management. With Mozzaz Adaptive Intervention Modeler (AIM™) technology, healthcare organizations can deliver personalized virtual models-of-care including: digital care plans, interventions, education, data-driven interactions, advanced machine learning for predictive and personalized experiences. The Mozzaz platform allows healthcare organizations to model clinical programs based on unique workflows from a single engagement platform. Mozzaz is built on the trusted Microsoft Azure Cloud for enterprise-ready digital health. To learn more about Mozzaz visit our website.   

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