SiteClear from Smartlink Health Solutions identifies high-risk individuals within organizations and automates action to mitigate spread of the coronavirus

CARY, N.C., July 1, 2020 –Smartlink Health Solutions, a leading provider of proactive health and wellness management solutions, today launched Smartlink SiteClear™, a return-to-school-and-work solution that helps organizations to rapidly identify individuals at risk for COVID-19, isolate them, and mitigate the risk of exposure for others.

Across the country, school districts, businesses and nursing homes are scrambling to safely re-open facilities and maintain business continuity while mitigating liability risk. With the variety of symptoms people experience with COVID-19, temperature checking and simple symptom checkers are not enough.

SiteClear delivers a comprehensive COVID-19 solution that integrates rapidly with a wide variety of existing software systems to help keep students, employees, and residents of long-term care facilities safe while containing costs and avoiding legal liability.

“COVID-19 cases are spiking in dozens of states, and the health of our economy depends on being able to rapidly identify individuals who are high risk or have been exposed to the virus and take action to keep them from infecting others,” said Siu Tong, PhD, CEO and founder of Smartlink Health Solutions. “SiteClear automates the most time-consuming aspects of daily health checks, test ordering, contact tracing, and mitigation for a wide variety of organizations and businesses, without requiring expensive new enterprise software installations.”

SiteClear’s rules-based automation, based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance and academic research, provides complete activity management and documentation to help organizations to:

  • Monitor – Track the status of employees, customers, students, and residents
  • Identify – Rapidly identify those who are at the highest risk for COVID-19 based on the most current scientific research
  • Protect – Visualize the current status of everyone and make the right decisions faster
  • Respond – Automatically take action to help prevent the virus from spreading, such as notifications, contact tracing, electronic lab test ordering, and more
  • Mitigate – Keep detailed documentation on everything the organization is doing to keep people safe

Rapid Integration with Virtually Any Technology

Up and running in a matter of days, SiteClear leverages technology that has been deployed by 500 global companies across multiple industries to link tens of thousands of complex systems. The solution can rapidly integrate with virtually any Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution, or Electronic Health Record (EHR), as well as digital temperature monitoring, wearable sensor data, and other data sources with central or decentralized databases.

Moreover, with SiteClear’s built-in telehealth features, organizations can schedule and conduct telehealth with ease. Telehealth services can be provided either directly through SiteClear or integrated with an existing telehealth vendor.

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About Smartlink Health Solutions

Smartlink Health Solutions is an innovator in healthcare IT and is focused on helping organizations solve two of their biggest challenges   – the transition from reactive care delivery to proactive care delivery, and the quest for seamless data sharing across the care continuum.  With Smartlink, organizations can proactively identify individuals at the highest risk for COVID-19 and automatically take action to help prevent the spread of the virus.  Smartlink’s software also enables rapid, affordable integration between healthcare IT and other systems via the user interface, eliminating the need for expensive, IT intensive integration projects. In addition, Smartlink provides a single platform that enables physicians to leverage Medicare’s annual wellness, behavioral health and care management programs as a strategic bridge in the journey from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. For more information, visit