Company leverages technology from defense/aerospace industries to automate and speed time-consuming tasks; helps healthcare providers succeed under Value-Based Care

Cary, N.C. – June 19, 2019 –While Congress and the Trump Administration continue to search for a solution to healthcare’s interoperability challenges, Smartlink Health Solutions, a pioneer in bidirectional health data exchange via the user interface (UI), completed a year-long initiative to integrate 50 health IT brands, building dozens of interoperability use cases across electronic health records (EHR’s) and other critical health applications.

The integrations with so many different types and brands of health IT systems marks a significant milestone for Smartlink Data Connector, the company’s flagship application that was launched just one year ago. The patent-pending solution promises to enable healthcare organizations of all sizes and types to exchange bidirectional data between virtually any health IT systems, without API or database access. Seamless data exchange across communities is a key requirement for success under value-based care. Additionally, providing care to patients invariably involves data exchange with IT systems where APIs may not be readily available, such as drug and immunization registries, health information exchanges, patient engagement tools, analytics, billing, accounting, check-in applications, care management solutions, surveys, and laboratories.  When data is siloed within disparate IT systems, organizations must either use manual labor to access it or spend significant amounts of time and money building traditional backend interfaces.

Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) solves this problem by simulating the user on the front end. The universal solution can automate virtually any action that an end-user would take via a standard user interface or other means in order to pull and share data.  It’s fast, affordable, scalable, works on any system that has a UI and, best of all, doesn’t require the involvement of the system vendor.

“A lot of what is happening with primary care today is administrative work, checking the box, moving information from one place to another, and that distracts providers from patient care,” said Shaun Romero, Owner and Business Manager for Clearpath Family Healthcare in Phoenix. After contracting with Smartlink to connect Clearpath to the Arizona Health Information Exchange, Clearpath realized the approach could be used to automate other manual workflows as well.  SDC is now helping improve Clearpath’s behavioral health program by pulling data from the practice’s Greenway EHR, inserting it into their behavioral health software where specialists develop a care plan, and automatically uploading the care plan back into the EHR.

“Smartlink has provided us with an option to automate processes that were manual and do it in the background, so our providers can stay focused on the patient,” said Romero.  “Not only are they providing integration capabilities that we couldn’t find anywhere else, but they customized it to our workflow in a reasonable timeframe and under a reasonable budget.”

Siu Tong, PhD, CEO and founder of Smartlink Health, commented on the company’s new milestone: “It is wonderful to see the solution free up data for so many use cases, and in such a fast and affordable way for healthcare organizations that have struggled for literally decades with siloed data systems and seemingly insurmountable interoperability challenges.”

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About Smartlink Health Solutions

Smartlink Health Solutions offers patent-pending technology that provides bidirectional data liquidity in a fraction of the time and at less than half the cost of traditional approaches to integration, while eliminating the need for EHR or other system vendor involvement. In addition, Smartlink provides a single platform that enables physicians to leverage Medicare’s annual wellness, behavioral health and care management programs as a strategic bridge in the journey from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. The secure platform seamlessly interfaces with EMRs and can be used alone or in combination with our experienced care management services team. For more information, visit