Financing will fuel product development and ramp sales and marketing efforts.

Cary, N.C., January 13, 2015 – Smartlink Mobile Systems (Smartlink), LLC, a Cary, N.C. -based mobile healthcare technology startup, today announced that it has successfully raised $2.5 million in a seed round of funding lead by private investors. The funding will be used to fuel product development as well as launch sales and marketing efforts.
“We are very impressed with the team behind Smartlink and their innovative approach to improving communication between patients and providers,” remarked investor Andre Tse, MD. “Their offering is truly unique and is already gaining acceptance with users.”
Smartlink recently launched Pocket HealthNet (PHN), an enterprise solution that enables mobile patient communication with any clinic via a single interface. Designed to simplify the patient experience, PHN provides clinical and administrative communication with patients including patient appointment management, pre-registration, check-in, document sharing, and other routine tasks via simple text messaging. Using PHN’s innovative broadcast capability, healthcare providers can quickly transition their patient engagement and care management initiatives from manual, phone based support targeting the sickest 1-5 percent (%) to much broader patient populations. For example, providers can push clinically relevant information to a population segment or to an individual, send reminders for appointments and preventive medicine, and respond to patient requests.
“The patient engagement solutions on the market today, such as patient portals, have been slow to gain adoption because each EHR vendor has a different way to communicate. It’s still easier for a patient to just pick up the phone than it is to manage multiple sites and login credentials,” explained Smartlink CEO and founder Siu Tong. “We are very excited to deliver a mobile patient engagement solution that can solve this problem, scales easily to large populations, and also fits perfectly into the asynchronous communication and electronic referral requirements of the Medicare Chronic Care Management Program.”

About Smartlink Mobile Systems

Smartlink Mobile Systems is a mobile healthcare solutions company changing the way providers and patients collaborate across the continuum of care. By delivering simple and convenient bi-directional communication, Smartlink enables patients to be more engaged in the medical services they need. For clinics, Smartlink’s unique mobile patient engagement solution improves efficiency, quality of care, patient adherence and revenue streams. For more information visit

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