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EHR integration without the EHR vendor.

Trusted by customers and partners like…
Lumeris, a population health management consulting and technology company
The logo for Evolent Health, a company that specializes in healthcare population health management.
The logo for KPN Health, a company with a SaaS solution that extracting, standardizing and aggregating data for its ACOs, hospital systems, and integrated delivery networks.
Mozzaz, a remote patient monitoring and virtual care solution company that uses Smartlink as its integration partner.
Carium, a virtual care platform company that uses Smartlink as their integration partner.

Eliminate the ‘heavy lift’ of EHR integration with your health IT system.

SDC, our integration platform-as-a-service, takes the integration burden off the shoulders of your customers and your IT team. It also eliminates the barriers of traditional EHR integration approaches; time, cost, and missing data.

A-business-man-holding-an-elephant-on-his-back illustrating that EHR integration is a heavy load.

We’re here to be your EHR integration partner – not your vendor.

EHR integration is important to the success of you and your customers. Our goal is to help you be successful. We’ll provide you with sales support, co-branded collateral, and flexible pricing models that fit within your pricing structure.

Faster EHR integration = faster revenue and more “stickiness” for your health IT system.

A father holding his daughter during a telehealth visit with a doctor.

Virtual Care

Synchronize scheduling and exchange clinical information such as CCDAs, vitals, patient generated data, and chat messages.

Population health management representation.Graphs and a doctor analyzing medical data on laptop.

Population Health/Analytics

Accelerate revenue with faster and deeper EHR integration. Put data back into the clinical workflow for care gaps and RAF.

Happy woman working in a call center as a clinical care manager.

Care Management

Make the best clinical decisions. Ensure all members of the care team have access to the most recent patient information.

A question mark is drawn on a doctor's clipboard representing clinical decision support.

Clinical Decision Support

Insert data into the clinical workflow, when and where it’s needed to increase quality of care and improve outcomes.

Health information release of information form with a pen on top.

Release of Information

Automate work that is done manually, such as extracting patient records from EHR’s and inserting it into payer portals.

Stack-of-medical-orders- waiting-to-be-filed.

Order Fulfillment

Reduce paper, fax, and errors. Automate manual processes, including physician and patient orders, billing, eligibility, and fulfillment.

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