Labs and Diagnostics

Eliminate the time, cost and complexity of working with multiple vendors.

Gain a competitive edge through integration.

For independent lab and diagnostic companies, the cost of HL7 interfaces is often cost prohibitive, and the amount of time it takes is a barrier to sales. Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) provides a fast, consistent, and affordable alternative. In addition, SDC can improve reimbursement by getting the patient data necessary to prove medical necessity.

EHR integration without EHR vendor involvement.

Because SDC leverages the user interface to integrate EHR’s with your LIS, there is zero involvement from clinic staff or the EHR vendor.

Prove Medical Necessity

Reimbursement for diagnostic services often declines due to changing payer requirements. SDC can help by capturing the patient data necessary to prove medical necessity in conjunction with the order being placed. SDC ensures a clean, complete claim by providing details such as the insurance card image, driver license image, and clinical data from the EHR.

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