Cary, NC, October 21, 2021 – Smartlink Health Solutions, an innovator in healthcare IT, is celebrating a record-breaking quarter for its business, its Smartlink Data Connector (SDC) product, and its mission of delivering on the promise of improving health care through data exchange. The company completed a total of 410 health IT system integrations in the third quarter of 2021, including 106 integrations that are actively exchanging data with other healthcare entities.

“As the State of North Carolina’s HIE technology partner, we knew it was important to provide options for connecting to the state-designated Health Information Exchange, NC HealthConnex, particularly for those healthcare clinics with specialty-specific electronic health records. Our partnership with Smartlink has made a difference as we edge closer to the goal of linking health care providers in North Carolina,” said Eric Myers, SAS Lead Strategic Consultant for NC HealthConnex.

Smartlink’s Data Connector (SDC) is an Integration Platform as a Service that has the ability to leverage a health IT system’s user interface (UI) to exchange data. It works with any operating environment (SaaS, hosted, on-premise), and can insert or extract virtually any type of data. With SDC, integrations that often take six to nine months can be completed in a matter of days or weeks.

Siu Tong, PhD, CEO and founder of Smartlink Health Solutions, commented on the company’s new milestone: “Having the ability to share patient data between doctors and different health IT systems across the continuum of care is one of the greatest challenges facing the healthcare industry. These numbers mean that our vision of breaking down the data silos in healthcare is working, and as a result more people are able to receive higher quality care.”

Some specific numbers for Smartlink’s record-making service this quarter include:

● Integrations encompassed 23 unique Electronic Medical Record systems

● Aggregate feeds were enabled for 341 practices through direct partnerships with Electronic Medical Record vendors

● Integrations were completed in an average of three-to-four weeks, with some completed as fast as two days

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About Smartlink Health Solutions

Smartlink Health Solutions is an innovator in healthcare IT and is focused on helping organizations solve two of their biggest challenges – the transition from reactive care delivery to proactive care delivery, and the quest for seamless data sharing across the care continuum. Smartlink’s integration Platform-as-a-Service enables rapid, affordable integration between healthcare IT and other systems via the user interface. Smartlink’s care management platform supports Medicare’s value-based fee for service programs and helps employers proactively protect employees from COVID-19. For more information, visit